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Monitor Stand quick ?

Hey this is a pretty newb question I know.

But I have been running triple monitors for a few years now and have decided that the stands on each individual monitor is time to make some room.

I have looked at some triple monitor stands, but on my monitors how can I tell if they can be attached? I have 3 dell 19" monitors. I know the size is not the problem I just dont know if they are mountable and was curious if someone could tell me how to check?
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    Do you have any documentation for the monitors? It will say if they are VESA mount compatible.

    Usually they will have 4 screw holes in the back in a square pattern that gives you a good indication whether or not they'll comply with a generic 3 monitor stand.

    What is the model of the monitors?
  2. Im at work currently so I cannot look at them but two of them are fairly older
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