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Looking to upgrade my computer

i currently have a ati 1950pro video card
3gigs of ram

3800+ dual core cpu amd 2hgz its a windsor with stock fan
here is a link to my cpu

my mobo is a asus m2n-e
i have a 600 watt psu
and i have windows 7

my question is will i bottleneck my cpu if i slap in this video card

also my mobo supports 8gigs of ram, will more ram help out my system?

i play games all the time. my budget is really tight or i would of just built a new pc.

is it worth the upgrades or should i save my money. i have no job and no job in the near future :/
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  1. I'm not sure about the bottleneck, but I'm sure your would notice increased performance.

    About the ram, are you running 3x1GB? If that is the case then you're not getting the advantage of dual channel memory. You need to use an even number of DIMMs. You would probably notice a performance boost by adding one more stick of RAM.

    Unless you're running a 64-bit operating system, you can't take advantage of more than 4gb of total ram. That means RAM+Video Card RAM must be less than 4GB. If you have 512MB of video ram then you will only get access to 3.5gb of system RAM.
  2. i would go for it.
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    There shouldn't be a significant bottleneck.
    The HD 3870 was present ATM of the Athlon 64 X2 (Windsor).
    It's somewhat comparable to the HD 6570, maybe somewhat better.

    The HD 6570 is a low-budget card TBH.
    Decent performance though.
    Truth is, a bottleneck is always present in the system.

    Saving money is always an option.
    An HD 6570 is fine for gaming, but not at max settings @ 1080p.
  4. If you don't have a budget then that video card is the best upgrade.
    If you don't have WIN 7 64 bit you don't need more RAM.
  5. one more question it doesn't matter that the video card is 2.0 pcie and my mobo isnt?
  6. it will just run at the speed of your board thats all
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