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Palit GTX 570 Sonic Platinum or Gigabyte SOC GTX 570?

I'm looking to upgrade an older graphics card in my gaming machine. I have been looking at the Nvidia GTX 570 series. I've been trying to compare the Palit and Gigabyte OC models, but I haven't come across any that compare both. How do that compare performance wise straight out of the box? And how do they fare with overclocking? Thanks
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    Price is equal before rebate. $30 difference after.



    I'd go with the Gigabyte for two reasons:

    1) 845MHz vs. 800MHz core clock factory OC
    2) 3/3 Warranty vs. 2/2 Warranty
  2. Can the Gigabyte be OC'd further safely? Based on this: It looks like I should be able to get at least 850MHz off the Palit. That said, I'm currently leaning towards the Gigabyte.
  3. That's a maybe with the Palit.

    You're 5MHz away from 850MHz with the Gigabyte. You're definitely leaning the right way.
  4. One last candidate I wanted to throw out there was the EVGA GTX 460 2Win I've heard that since it has dual GPU's, it can perform faster than a GTX 580 (stock)
  5. That seems like a great option too.

    Here's a review that includes the gtx 465 sli which is a little better than the 460 sli, but in BFBC2, the single 580 seems to surpass it and the 570 is just under it for almost every game. I'm thinking the dual 460 card is very close in performance to a single 570 or just under it:

    Now with an OC'd 570 like the Gigabyte, you'll get better performance than the dual-460 card.
  6. Thanks, looks like the Gigibyte is what I'm ordering.
  7. Have fun with that bad boy!
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