Need a cable for crossfire

ok i have a radeon 6870 and im getting another to crossfire
my power supply has
One (1) 20-inch 20+4-pin ATX power connector
One (1) 20-inch 4+4-pin EPS/ATX power connector
Two (2) 6-pin PCI Express power connectors
Six (6) SATA power connectors
Six (6) large Molex 4-pin power connectors
Two (2) small floppy power connectors

i need two more 6 pin pci express connectors, can someone send me a link or something quite soon to get an adapter to have another video card put in for crossfire.
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  1. where ever you got the parts for your computer I can guarantee that they have a molex to PCI power adapter. You have 6 of them, probably at least 3 aren't being used at all.
  2. What power supply do you have? brand/wattage/model number
  3. Sooth1 said:
    What power supply do you have? brand/wattage/model number

    Cool Power Gamer Series CP-G880 880W 20+4-pin Blue LED Fan ATX Power Supply w/SATA, PCIe & Dual 12V Rails (Black)
  4. Do yourself a favour and buy a real power supply.
    Your's going to blow up real good!
    Seriously a so-called 880W psu for under $40=i looked it up.
    I would strongly advise you shop for a new 750W quality unit from a reliable maker.
    They costs over $80 btw.
    Here's what happens to low quality units.= doesn't matter what you paid = snap,crackle,pop!
    If you disregard my advice and buy an adapter i'll guarantee you're in for a world of grief!
  5. I was thinking the same thing. 880W? And it only has 2 PCIe plugs? It has 6 molex and good grief, 2 FDD plugs???? When was this thing made?

    That said, assuming it CAN output anything around 450-500W you should be fine. 6870 uses around 151W? Two should be 300ish, 400 with the CPU so 450W total not counting OC, etc. You might be fine with the adapters but I'd double check its real 12V output first.
  6. Unless his 2 rail loads all the molex onto a 90W rail...

    Do yourself a favour and buy a real power supply.

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