Only 3.25GB usable RAM of 8GB

Hi there, I am hoping someone can help me out and tell me why 3.25GB of my 8GB installed memory is only usable as per Windows system information.

My MOBO is compatible upto 16GB so I do not understand. Anyadvice is greatly appreciated.

My specs are:


Memory slots have the following RAM sticks

1 - DR III SDRAM - 533Mhz - 2048MB - OCZ - OCZ3P1333LV2G
2 - DR III SDRAM - 533Mhz - 2048MB - OCZ - OCZ3P1333LV2G
3 - DDR III SDRAM - 533Mhz - 2048MB - OCZ - OCZ3P1333LV2G
4 - DDR III SDRAM - 533Mhz - 2048MB - OCZ - OCZ3V10662@
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  1. What version of Windows?
  2. you need 64 bit version of windows to allocate all of your ram, 32 bit version only allocates 3.25 gb of ram
  3. A 32-Bit version of Windows is only capable of addressing 4GB total memory.
    This includes the system RAM, GPU memory, BIOS, sound card and all other system devices.
    In order to access the full amount of installed memory, you must install a 64-Bit version of Windows.

    Unfortunately there is no way to upgrade from 32-Bit to 64-Bit, you must format and reinstall the 64-Bit version.
    If you already have a Windows 7 32-Bit license key you do not need to purchase a new license.
    You simply need to find 64-Bit install media for the identical version (Home, Professional, Ultimate, etc.) and use your existing key to activate.
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