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So I have these 4 LGA755 boards with bent pins...

Has anyone figured out a decent way to repair these?
Im not quite ready to toss them, after all one of them cost 300$.
Im not going to bother getting tooling if its crazy expensive... but it might be an investment for other stuff...?

Tossing ideas around.

Is it worth my time? Will it work for sure?
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  1. What pins?? the cpu pins?

    Also you can sell them on ebay if anything

    edit: nvm i see. I would get a heatgun, heat up the pin (to make the metal more malleable) and unbend it. But thats just me :P
  2. Just try to bend them enough so they are not touching each other.
    If you broke the pin off of the board you may have some bigger jobs ahead of you.
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    tweezers, perhaps with a grove filed into them so that they can surround the pin.
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