I am looking for asus/MB compatible with CPU Inte i7 2600 1155

I am looking for an ASUS M/B who's
supporting CPU Intel Core i7 2600 1155/3.4GHz/8MB.Please advise me what models are compatible.
Regards P.Angelopoulow
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  1. Any LGA1155 compatible mobo will do.

    That said, a good cpu like 2600k should be paired with good mobo, gpu, ram, harddisk and gpu to bring out its potential.

    I suggest you go to the system forum on tom's hardware to seek advice.

    I can give you a build here but you will get more opinion on the system forum.

    I am going to request this post to be moved to system forum.
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  3. Any Socket 1155 motherboard will work.

    ASUS do a fair range of boards:

    Here's a few of the popular ones:

    Non-SLI ready: ASUS P8Z68-v LE
    SLI Ready: ASUS P8Z68-v PRO

    They also do P67 as well as Z68 chipsets.
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