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I recently bought an Antec 300 case and I am trying to move my motherboard and parts from my Vostro 460 into the new case. I'm getting stuck because the F_Panel on the motherboard has 11 pins, whereas the wires coming from the new case are sets of 2. I tried to look up the H67 chipset specs on Intel's website, but it shows the front panel as 9 pins rather than 11. Does anyone know what the extra pins are for or if there is a diagram showing where to plug the I/O coming from the case into?

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  1. Is it a Intel motherboard or another companies. The manufactures name is usual on the motherboard. As you stated the front panel header has 9 pins on the Intel motherboards with an additional header for another front panel LED.
  2. It's an Intel H67 but it doesn't look like the motherboard in the product guide for Intel's H67s. I see the 9+2 additional header in the product guide, but on my board, it's just the 11 pin F_panel. The 2 headers aren't there, so I am assuming that they are the extra two pins, but I don't want to make any assumptions. This is the first time I'm doing something like this and the last thing I wanna do is fry my motherboard, lol.
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