Dedicated Physx Card Questions For Those That Have Done It

I'm thinking of dedicating my gtx 260 to physics in my main system. Mainly, I just need to remove it from my 2nd computer because it conflicts with about 3 hdd bays. I'm gonna downsize it to some $50 card. So i'll have this gtx 260 either laying around doing squat or use it as a physics card in the main system for shiz and giggles.

Q6600 oc'd to 3.6ghz
asus p5n-d
ocz agility 3 120gb (arriving today)
2 WD 1tb in raid 1
8gb ddr2 1066
gtx 570
thermaltake 850w psu

The questions... when a card like the gtx 260 (216 core) is dedicated to physics, does it still have the same cooling requirements?

Is it under-utilized while in physics only meaning it needs less cooling / less power?

Is a Thermaltake TR2 RX-850 power supply sufficient for this proposed setup? I really dont have a problem selling gtx 260. I'd rather do that than buy a new power supply.
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    Power wise you should be OK as the 260 and 570 would consume about 400w combined if the 260 were running flatout, that said I don't think it will be but I've never done what you're proposing so I'll sit back and see what the other (if any) responses are.
  2. I think the (if any) is probably the key. I just hope I don't get responses like "why would you run a physx card? There's hardly any games that'd benefit." == I know Im just playing around but do have those few titles that might benefit.
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  4. I've done it before. With a 9800gt and a 5870. Look for the GenL patch. The newer versions don't require a 2nd monitor (or dummy plug) to work. 850watt should be more than enough. I did it with a 650watt PSU.
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