Blown mobo / psu please help

I have an fx8120 CPU, MSI 990fxa gd65 mobo and an ocz fatality 750w psu

I was trying to over clock the system this morning, running at 4.4ghz, started prime95 and after 2 mins the system switched off and won't come back on.

Temps didn't exceed any limits, now all I get is 2 blue LEDs flashing on my mobo when I try to power up.

PSU or mobo dead? Seems odd for the mobo to die when temps weren't insanely hot, not happy :(
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  1. Sometimes, an overclock can become unstable. If this happens, or your computer will not boot, you will need to reset the BIOS back to default and start over again. This is done by clearing the CMOS (a small piece of memory on the motherboard which stores your BIOS configuration, and is powered by a small battery). Some newer motherboards will bypass user settings in the CMOS if the computer fails POST (often caused by a faulty overclock). However, most motherboards require a manual clear. This can be done in two ways, depending on your motherboard. The first way is by changing the position of the clear CMOS jumper on your motherboard, waiting a few minutes, then repositioning the jumper to its original place. Some motherboards have a two-pin clear cmos jumper. In that case, connect the two pins with something metallic, wait a minute or two and disconnect them.
    The CMOS Jumper
    The CMOS Jumper
    The second way, if your motherboard doesn’t have this jumper, consists of unplugging your computer, removing the little CMOS battery, then pressing the power button (your capacitors will discharge), and waiting a couple of minutes. Then you have to refit the battery and plug in your computer. Once your CMOS is cleared, all BIOS settings are reset back to default and you’ll have to start the overclocking process all over again.
  2. Resetting cmos resulted in the system powering up once, but without the 8 pin CPU power connector in, this resulted in no post / image.

    With the 8 pin connected nothing happens its like its switched off at the wall, have tried a dif Psu and it was the same, looks like my 4 day old board is dead, awesome
  3. Really sucks i hope things get better for you good luck!
  4. PSU could have blown, but more likely the motherboard VRM blew at least 1 cap or 1-2 MOSFETs. Easy fix.
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