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Hello, I'm about to get a new computer (my old custom died) and I wanted something fast, affordable and able to handle games such as Diablo 3 and general multi-tasking. I've been looking around at a ton of sites including custom build sites and for the money I found this computer

Lenovo® H320 (4041-1GU) Desktop Computer With Intel® Core™ i5-650 Processor With Turbo Boost Technology

processor brand Intel
processor model Core i5
memory 6 GB
hard drive capacity 1 TB
optical drive DVD±RW
operating system Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
processor speed 3.2 GHz
memory speed PC3-8500
memory type DDR3 SDRAM
maximum memory capacity 8 GB
wireless connectivity 802.11b/g/n
network connectivity 10/100/1000 Ethernet
modem no modem
ports 6 USB 2.0; 1 Ethernet; 1 VGA 15-pin D-sub
memory card reader yes
video graphics integrated Intel HD Graphics
audio hardware HD Audio with up to 5.1-channel sound

Its only $430, which considering the i5 core and 6gb memory, I think is a steal and the best price for the package online. I'm planning on putting in a low profile graphics card eventually. Do you think this is a good system for what I want to do? And due to its slim design, would I also be able to upgrade the power supply when I eventually add a graphics card? Thanks a lot for the help. I pretty much just want to be able to play games without having to worry about a ton of lag and freezing issues with relatively good graphics.
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  1. for less that $100 more you could get this:,2970.html

    and have way better graphics, as well as a current generation Sandy Bridge CPU.
  2. ^^I would do what clark advised,,,you will have to pay for the parts in the system and add an operating system as extra cost (will be more like 600 instead of the 430),, but if you want a "gaming" system, the one you have is all CPU and no GPU,, will not play games well at all,, it is running an i5, but old generation, prebuilts have alot of specs but are typically built with cheap parts -- maximum of 8GB memory means that is one cheap motherboard on there as it will have only 2 slots, most will have 4,, and it probably has a 'just good enough' power supply so if you want to upgrade, you'll need to buy a new supply as well and trash all the value of what you've saved.

    you can also step down the graphics to a 550TI which will bring down overall cost closer to 550 with an OS,,, still waay better than the system you are looking at.

    The only other way to get cost lower is to go to AMD system with a bit older of a chipset (785G) - but probably not something you would want if you want faster,,
  3. Thanks for the reply
    I see what you guys are talking about with the $500 build but that is about my budget and having to spend extra for an OS will go way beyond what I can spend (which is another reason I was excited about the original comp I posted). I'm not too worried about going beyond 8GB. I would mostly be using this comp for internet/pc games like Sims3/streaming videos/school/ and the occasional WoW or Diablo 3 play time when I get around to it.

    I really do appreciate the adivce
  4. BeesKnees said:
    I pretty much just want to be able to play games without having to worry about a ton of lag and freezing issues with relatively good graphics.

    That is exactly what you will have with the integrated graphics - a ton of lag and freezing and relatively poor graphics. :cry:
  5. ya, that Lenovo will be a big disappointment for you if you plan to game with it,,,

    another way to go in that price range is to buy a triple core AMD based system with a older chipset and a newer gpu
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