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Low video game fps

So I recently bought a Radeon HD5570. My problem now is The Witcher 2 , and bfbc2 run at about 20-30fps no matter what settings I put the graphics at. I have tried to reinstall the drivers about three times, tried to clean out with Ccleaner. Can anyone help?

Computer specs:

AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 965 Processor (3.4GHz)


Asus 890FX Deluxe5

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  1. what is the resolution at which you play?
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    Also, I'm guessing you upgraded from something? Simply reinstalling isn't necessarily enough. Instead, completely uninstall all old video drivers (ATI and if applicable, Nvidia) and even run Driver Sweeper to clean them out fully. After that, restart and install the latest drivers.

    You might also want to download MSI Afterburner as it is great for monitoring your hardware. It might be that the clocks aren't coming out of idle, or maybe it's just maxed out. Try gaming with your task manager (performance tab) and MSI running and after a few minutes alt-tab out and see what the graphs are showing you. High CPU? High GPU? Low clocks?
  3. that gpu is not meant for gaming.. and TW2 and bfbc2 are heavy games and your fps is normal since 5570 is a very low end card..
  4. Yeah but it shouldn't give the exact same FPS regardless of setting. At lowest settings it should scrape by while at high it should be a slide show lol.
  5. ohh.. my bad..didnt see that.. :D
    I think I should get some sleep(its 3:40 am here :P )
  6. Upgraded from a Nvidia 9800GTX I have removed all the nvidia drivers installed. I play at 1440x900. Ill try the driver sweep and let you know how it goes.

  7. Sorry, but that's a downgrade, the 9800GTX is a better card for gaming.
  8. I have also used CanIRunIt for both games and it said they both would be able to run. But not sure how accurate that site is.
  9. You would be better off running the 9800GTX, unless it is faulty.

    Look here :
  10. While i was running the 9800 it was refreshing bfbc2 with black bars and also ran TW2 to a point where it was unbearable.
  11. Black bars huh? Could be the 9800 dying, or it could have just been a glitch with those drivers. Anyway yeah, the 5570 is a bit of a downgrade, so expecting it to preform better in games where the 9800GTX struggles isn't going to make it better. I think you're card simply can't take it. Now I'm sure that the card is just being bogged down and while 15FPS is 50% faster than 10FPS, both still suck for gaming :D.
  12. You shoulda gotten a GTs 450 for $80 from, type it in search bar in and scroll down to the last one which is $80 and also look for the 822MHz because there's another one at 786MHz...
  13. If it's not too late you should consider returning it and buying something with more beef like a 5770. A 5570 is really meant to be a multimedia card not a gaming card.

    Also, you sometimes get bad FPS if your PSU isn't able to give it enough power.

    And finally, give what I suggested a try.
  14. Did what you said wolfram and it helped out a lot but as everyone said, its a bad card. This was the only time I didn't do my research and it shows. I would like to thank everyone for their help and next time ill do some research. Hopefully I can return it but not sure looking into that now. This time im going to spend more than $100 and research.
  15. What video card would everyone suggest from price range 100-200 on newegg or amazon. Greatly appreciate you're advice.

    EDIT: Actually the card I was using was a 9800 GT
  16. Well, to make it an upgrade you should get at the least a 6970 or a 550TI. A 450Ti or Radeon 5770 will only seem like a mild upgrade and while faster than a 9800GT they might fall a little short of what you wanted.
  17. Uh I really hope "6970" was a typo! I doubt he's going to spend $400 on a GPU.

    A 5770 might not be a huge upgrade over a 9800GT but it is a great card for the price. 6850, 6870, 550 Ti, and 560 (non Ti) are all decent cards and should be around that price range.
  18. Hah, yeah meant 6790 :p
  19. So some funds just freed up lol.
    thats why im looking at getting.
  20. A 6970 huh? Wow, what a huge jump ^_^. Just make sure you have a good PSU in your system. If you have a crappy or weak PSU then you should cut back a little and get a 6870 or 6950 along with a good PSU.
  21. Right now i have a 650W.
  22. Exactly what PSU is it. There is a big difference between a 650W unit from Corsair or FSP and one from Diablotek or Turbo link
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