Motherboard & Memory Compatibility check

I'm building a performance HTPC system for the first time with the following components
1]CPU: Intel-Core i7 3770K

2]RAM: Corsair Dominator Platinum 1600MHz C9s [4 x 8GB]

3]MOBO: ASUS P8Z77-V Deluxe

Before posting this I have checked with ASUS QVL and Corsair's Memory Configurator Support about this issue but couldn't find any answer.
So,I want to know whether the stated motherboard would support [4 x 8GB] C9 modules of Corsair and would 32GB be an overkill or 16GB would suffice?
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  1. You are putting an i7 3770k in an HTPC....and you are worried about the difference between 16 and 32? If you are willing to pay for a CPU as expensive as that for an HTPC you may as well go for 32gb of RAM.
  2. you're putting a i7 3770K in an HTPC? and 16GB of ram is overkill for an htpc... personally mine works flawlessly with an i5 655, 4 gb ram, using onboard video and a mini-itx mobo....
  3. You are right but I just want to cross check whether the stated RAM would be compatible with the stated MOBO.

    And anyways,I'm a software developer n would be developing RAM intensive applications and projects,hence that RAM+CPU else I too would have gone for 4GB [its sufficient]
  4. Memory supported by CPU up to 1600

    Motherboard specs:

    I went ahead and read through the QVC and have not found this ram listed.

    these are listed however, i have used these before and they are very good, just very tall, i had to get rid of them because the CoolerMaster Hyper 212plus wouldn't fit with them.
  5. I too had checked the QVLs on both sites but nothing helped.
    Anyways I'm looking forward to use Corsair H100 for CPU cooling so no issue there.

    Still waiting for an answer! anyone.....
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    simply put.... RAM is RAM... those memory i posted there were not part of the QVL for my M5A97 but they still worked. If you can get into the Bios and set up the proper clocks and voltages then you can run them, it is as simple as that. even the 16GBs RAM i run now are not on the QVL, but they run all the same... it will work, only reason i can think of it not working on your MOBO is either a faulty MOBO or faulty DIMMs.
  7. Thats what I needed to hear!
    I can do the settings in the BIOS manually if needed.
    Thanks, you've been really helpful.

    I would definately go with Corsair Dominator Platinums.
  8. your welcome, hope to hear from you soon about your build status
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  10. How are things running now that its almost a whole year later?
  11. Kamikazi2142 said:
    How are things running now that its almost a whole year later?

    Its me WDakhane.
    Well,I am happy to inform you that everything is up and running smoothly :)
    Only thing is that I had to use Soluto to decrease startup time from 2 min to 38sec.
    Everything is working great.
  12. TWO MINUTES? sounds like you need a new HDD my Seagate Barracuda is 1TB with a 64MB cache and i hardly take 10 seconds to load up, was nearly instant when i first installed it, it has slowed a bit now since i've experienced a series of power outages while running.

    At Newegg:
    I know it says 32MB in the description, but what i got has 64MB Cache, i even have the box from the older 32MB and the newer 64MB cache, i bought this drive about a year before the Japan Quakes, was going to buy again but the prices on all HDD's went nuts nearly double the price! now it is back down to the $69.99 i paid at Bestbuy.
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