Can't Update my Driver

I have an Acer Aspire 5745G with a Nvidia GeForce Gt 330M

I run the automatic scan and it tells me what driver to download but when i run it

I always get the same error message.
NVIDIA Installer cannont continue
This graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware.

Does anyone know how to fix this. I haven't updated my driver in about a year.
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  1. Do you watch your temps? Is it possible your gpu overheated?
  2. where did you get the driver?
    download the latest driver from nvidia site
    use driver sweeper software to remove the current driver then reboot in to safe mode and remove the remainings from driver sweeper, reboot and install the l;atest driver..
  3. tried uninstalling the driver and it still didn't work same error message.
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