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I am doing my first build and My Mobo is a Biostar TZ77B ( It has an ATXPWR2 connector which has 8 pins. My power supply ( has a 4 pin ATX12V and an 8 pin EPS12V connector. I just want to verify that I can plug the 8 pin EPS12V into the 8 ATXPWR2 connector and not fry everything, or should I just plug in the 4 pin ATX12V? Thanks for any help.
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  1. Both will work and depending on what the cpu , ram video card and other components that you are putting you can get away with using the 4 pin. Some motherboards will come with an 8 pin connector and they will put a plactic cap over 4 of the pins so you only need the 4 pin connector. If there was no cap on yours then I would use the 8 pin especially if you have intentions of overclocking and/or having two video cards.
  2. Great. Thanks for the help!!!!
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