Strange Problem

I'm trying to run a ~200ft patch of Cat 5e cable from the downstairs bedroom to a room across. The intent was to run the cable so i can get a connection to a wireless modem placed in the upstairs room.

The Setup was as such.

Modem --> Switch --> Wireless

Cable was crimped (straight) using a 200ft patch of AMP cable. I tested it using a cable test tool which gave 8 blinky lights the first time. Hurrah !

However, when i use the cable in the said configuration i am not getting any connection on the modem, or even directly through the ethernet port on the laptop. Removed the intermediate switch to see if that was the problem and still nothing. I know both the modem and the wireless router are perfect since using a smaller patch (10ft) is working as intended.

Any suggestions ?
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  1. Oh, dont know if this is relevant but the RJ 45s used were these

    Ive always ever used the cheap plasticy ones and not the ones covered in this silverish material. could that be the reason im getting a positive on the test tool ?
  2. You could have lines crossed. Just because a blinky light was there doesn't mean the cables weren't crossed when crimping.
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