Is my Dell435MT bottlenecking GTX570? Plz HELP!!! : )

Hello all,

My question is basically in the title. The reason I'm asking the question is that when I try to run BF3 on ULTRA @1080p it gives me 40-50FPS and I see the owners of the 570GTX write that they get in the 100's at same settings. Here are my computer specs (modified Dell 435MT w/some modest aftermarket upgrades):
*Vista 64-bit, 16GB DDR3 RAM, MSI Twin Frozr II N-GTX 570 (OC-edition), PSU 850W (Corsair), i7 920 @ 2.67Ghz

Here is the link to the mobo that I have:

Thank you very much in advance. :hello:
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  1. i don't think the gtx570 is capable of getting 100fps at ULTRA settings on BF3... maybe if you try to lower the settings a little bit, you can get a better fps out of that card.

    check out this chart - this is just for the "performance" settings and the gtx570 can only get 50+ fps.,2968.html
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