Please rate my build

Please rate my budget build here it is:
CPU - i3 2100
MOBO - Asus P8H61
RAM - 2x2GB Kingston ddr3 1333
HDD - 500GB Seagate Barracuda
GPU - Radeon 5570 1GB
PSU - Antec VP450 450 watts
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  1. Could your tell us the budget?
  2. Yea budget would help. A little weak but not bad. Anyway you can up that 5570 to a 6570 or 6670?
  3. not average gaming build. I got a feeling you spent $450-$500 right?
  4. How is your build? - Decent for gaming, great for every day use.
    What are the recommendations? - Wait for BD, and, even if you still want to go ahead with Intel, the price for Intel chips might drop if AMD's chips are competitive.
  5. My opinion is that you could get a good Asrock mobos.
    Asus make great mobos but since your on a budget go for a Asrock mobo
  6. thanks for all of your replies. My budget is really tight and my computr is starting to break(I'm using the onscreen keyboard of microsoft hayzz). Is my psu sufficient? actually at start im planning to use the provided psu on the chassis but as i am reading forums and message boards and they say that one of the key parts is the psu(this is my 1st time to build a system my past computer is a gift for me in college). Now im going to buy those parts(if it is okay i assume) w/o the gpu maybe after two weeks ill buy that gpu(i ike that because of low tpd)
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