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over the past months i enjoyed watching movies in my 40" inch lcd tv that were stored in my pc. However, its been a month since i was able to use it for the last time. Now when i start me pc and i look for monitors it only recognizes my pc monitor and not my lcd tv, i tried to switch the dvi port ( i mean connect my tv through the port that my monitor was connected and viceversa ) and it doesnt work for the tv, neither of them whereas the monitor displays correctly on both sockets. So the problem is not the video card. Its also not the tv because i have other hdmi devices that work well on the same hdmi socket. So the problem can be narrowed to 3 possibilities : HDMI cable, DVI / HDMI adapter, and maybe some misconfiguration on the system.

then i changed teh hdmi cable so its not the problem and im pretty sure its not a configuration problem though im not entirely positive on that. The thing is that its really strange how can the adapter stop working if it wasnt hit, even moved, from one moment to another. Is any way i can check if its the adapter? ( dvi to hdmi ) how can i check its not a system configuration problem ?

thanks in advantage and sorry for the bad english.
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  1. What video card?
  2. ati 4890
  3. Try reinstalling the drivers for that video card.

    Uninstall from add/remove programs, run this


    and remove everything ATI then reboot and install the latest drivers.
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