Whats with this cpus TEMPs?

is this normal ?? i know sometimes these programs give weird temps iE: the 126 Degree(that i should just ignore?)

is 60 Deg too hot for this processor ?

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  1. Your picture is broken, but 60C maximum temperature should be a problem for most CPUs. What CPU are you using with what cooler and what clocks?

    That will help us to find your problem much better. :)
  2. image works for me O.O

    intel pentium 4 ht 640

    all the info is in the picture( added second link)

    Temps change a lot... has to be faulty readings??
  3. Those old Pentium 4 chips were known to double as space heaters.

    I see you running 59C at load and 37-39C at idle? If thats right then it is fine for that chip. Actually that is pretty cool for a P4 6xx series. I had a P4 530 years ago and it ran similar temps.
  4. Yeah, 60C maximum ain't bad. I wouldn't worry.
  5. yea highest ive seen cpu is like 65ish.... power and aux jump back and forth like 50 degrees ...from like 50-100+
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    Those are likely just software misreporting. I am pretty sure you only have 2 actual temp sensors in that system. CPU and hard drive. Aux and power can be ignored.
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  8. I had an old Pentium 4 and man it would get hot. When it would really be stressed you could feel the heat being blown out of the exaust fan. We had three computers in my dads office all with Pentium 4's that were running 24/7 and I'm not kidding that those three computers would make the office pretty hot.
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