Quick Question (Flame/Goshark)

Hi quick question for flame and gosharks:

Flame u stated in a old post that the carbon(BLK) cl174 bezel cannot pass TCO 99 regulations. Which i believed also to b true but arccording to specs it has??

How can this be...??
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  1. According to Hitachi's website and Monitorgalaxy, the CML174B is TCO '95 compliant, the CML174 is TCO '99.

    Hilbert space is a big place.
  2. Ok thanks Mate.

    Another case of false info by companys!!!

    <A HREF="http://www.hitachidigitalmedia.com/viewProduct_1.jsp?productid=277&drilldown=2&urlnumber=0" target="_new">http://www.hitachidigitalmedia.com/viewProduct_1.jsp?productid=277&drilldown=2&urlnumber=0</A>
  3. ??? if they are the same panels, why black one didn't pass?
  4. Good Question!!


    I think it has something to do with that contrast and brightness appears slighly different with a black bezel....

    I could be wrong.....
    If n e 1 knows Goshark will though.
  5. Black monitors cannot meet the new TCO-99 ergonomic requirements.

    In TCO'99 there is a requirement that the reflection factor of the front frame (bezel) of the monitor shall not be more than 20%. This means that a dark colored or black monitor will not pass this requirement. The contrast of a white screen image next to a black bezel creates eyestrain during long periods of use.

    In TCO'95 there is no such requirement, although it is a recommendation.

    Jim Witkowski
    Chief Hardare Engineer

    <A HREF="http://www.monitorsdirect.com" target="_new">MonitorsDirect.com</A>
  6. anyway, I am still happy with my Hitachi CML174, but I can't wait until 19 inch panels start appear, saving up some money to get one once they become available. Any idea when?
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