Windows 7 Stuck On Black Loading Screen

My computer after trying to (stupidly) remove the SPTD driver so Daemon Tools would work. Is stuck on the black loading screen, even when loading from safe mode.

I tried removing the sptd driver, but only took out 1 of 2 files, the other not being removed properly. So i restarted (which worked) and restored my computer to an hour before i tried any of it. I could only log on in safe mode and i checked and saw that both drivers were there. So i turn off the computer and it was fine.

However, i tried to turn on the computer again later, but it got stuck on the black screen with just the mouse. I held the power button and retried,in safe mode, this time getting to my computer background, with nothing loading. I tried yet again and only got black screen. It says all my drives loaded and everything, including sptd, but nothing is loading.

What is wrong with my computer? I am not that good with them and cannot open it up without a lot of help if it is a hardware problem
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  1. Just restored to another earlier point by using f8 to get to menu. got stuck on the blue loading screen now with the little circle loader just freezing.
  2. it deff. sounds like a software problem.
    try inserting the windows disk and doing a repair (found as an option after you select your language)

    btw, its my understanding that Daemon Tools uses the SPTD device driver. So does Alcohol 120
    i use magicdisk for imaging and its worked perfectly
  3. i just somewhere..but here i go again

    Any driver/hardware/software related issues can be scanned using the SFS /SCANNOW

    this can be done in Safe mode. It scans the system completely and helps you correct/Repair issues.

    Helped me just yesterday and windows started so clean

    (But fact that i never had one issue with Mac in the last 6 yeras makes me feel like why why why i am trying this new machine hehehe)
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