Bios Detecting hard drive not windows


Bios detecting hard drive not windows please help me !!!
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  1. My Bios ( gigabyte board) detecting hard drive (seagate ) but not my windows what might be the reason even device manager getting crashed out :( (i connected this hard drive as slave) since it was not booting as master !!
  2. if it and ide drive and does not have an os on it. you need to use windows disk management. BIOS 0809?v=wzXoqZTxl_Q
    do it if is smaller then 2g as fat32 drive.
    if it going to have an os you need to boot off the windows 7 cd and let it make the partion on the os drive.
    with an ide drive master (drive c:) has to be on ide port 0 not 1. if it a sata drive make sure you have the drive on an intel port and the bios set to achi mode.
  3. it is a assemble computer i was using since 18 months !!! but suddenly i got this problem ! youtube u gave me not working i will try to disk management !! it works thats nice if it not let us see wat tomshardware got for me :)
  4. mmc.exe crashing out !! that is device manager !!
  5. both disk management and device manager are crashing out i am looking for safe mode option :(
  6. try maing a hirem boot cd and run the drive fitness may have gone bad.
  7. what is with hirens boot cd ? i will download the disc if you have link send me :) thanks :)
  8. The BIOS wont look at the operating system anyway! so in seeing your drive as Seagates it has identified it.... putting it as "slave" I am not sure but will that stop the drive loading from the MBR ? so should be set as master. best to post what else it does when turned on??
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