Was just thinking about the 2600k vs 2500k

i have worked with the 2600k before (overclocking some), right now on my main machine i have a 2500k though. we see the conventional wisdom is go 2500k if your just gaming, but i was thinking to myself...the 2600k has a higher base clock speed...i was thinking to myself, does the 2600k top end overclock much higher than a 2500k? for example, i wonder what kind of difference you would see in a game with a 2600k @ 4.8ghz compared to a 2500k @ 4.4ghz ? maybe the conventional wisdom shouldn't be so geared toward the 2500k? even in non-threaded applications, i'd imagine a 2600k at the afore mentioned speed would show at least a 10% performance boost wouldn't it?

i'd like to see some benchmarks or real world numbers comparing these 2 systems:

2600k @ 4.8ghz w/ sli gtx 580's

2500k @ 4.4ghz w/ sli gtx 580's
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  1. The only scenario you would see significant difference would be applications that are very cpu intensive, such as cinema 4d (company that makes cinebench) or most 3d programs. That is where the 2600k potentially outperforms everything. It is hyperthreaded also, but in most gaming scenario's that is when the 2500k shines.
  2. HT aside, since its not all 'that' to begin with and often causes more problems than you think, they are virtully the same chip. They both overclock to around the same point and even if the i7 OC'd 0.3ghz better consistantly, do you really think that 1-5 extra frames per second will be of any benefit to you?
  3. Keep in mind Hyperthreading also has it's own overhead associated with it. While the base clock of the 2600k might be higher than the 2500k, overclocking would favor the Non-HT cpu. Of course this will ultimately come down to which cpu is better binned but short of disabling HT the 2500k should have the advantage.
  4. i feel like i'm being a bad boy for responding with this comment: so just turn the HT off in bios? if you look at the amd 1100t compared to 1090t it's similar with +100mhz clock speed, but the 1100t has a higher top end overclock than the 1090t doesn't it? like 300-400mhz + . i'm thinking the 2600k will top the 2500k with similar results at the top end won't it? (on average)...most people don't get 2500k's that can hit 4.8 , most strain after 4.4 right?
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