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I have had a Corsair H80 in my case for about a month now, only to realise that it covers about 60% of the psu fan grill. After gaming for awhile the psu feels warm to touch from the back, but not super super hot, more like a cup of coffee thats been sitting for about 5 minutes. I'm just wondering if thats a acceptable temperature for my psu because it is quite hard to monitor psu temperatures. The fan ramps up to around 100% but i think the fan works off power load more than temperature.

My specs:
Thermaltake Armor +
Thermaltake 850w Tough Power

i7 940 @ 4 ghz with h80
2 x Gtx 260 OC in sli

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. It took me a few to visualize what your talking about.

    With the A+ I mount the PSU so the fan is sucking air in from the top vents rather than from inside the case.

    With the H80 I typically mount the 2nd fan on the outside of the case leaving the radiator and 1st fan on the inside. I nver put one on an A+ case before though but it looks like the fan would fit. Just checked specs and they are 120mm fans so yes it should... if you need the interior space.
  2. sorry if i didnt explain it clearly, but the h80 fits in the case.. just, i had to trim up the psu mounting rail for the rad to fit with both fans in push / pull config. I was just concerned that with the radiator covering so much of the psu that the fan in the psu would not get enough air to cool down the psu internals. If i was to turn the psu upside down, how would i go with mounting it? Thanks
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