Is this memory compatible with this laptop?

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  1. You need to buy same speed memory installed in laptop. If the memory of the laptop is 1600mhz speed, new ram will work.

    If you already have the laptop, can you post the memory speed by using CPU-Z?
  2. just be warned this laptops CPU only supports either 1066 or 1333 DDR3 memory.

    you can upgrade to 8GB, but the CPU memory controller only can handle up to 1333.

    Laptop specs:

    CPU specs:
  3. I just realized I linked the wrong laptop this is the one i plan on getting, but I don't know if it will be any different since the CPU is the same.
  4. details are the same on the CPU... sorry about that....
  5. Yea I figured, I'm trying to find out the Memory speed of the one that is already in there from somebody that already has it.
  6. odds are it will be 1333, however depending on how "economical" the price range is intended for it could also very well be the 1066... either way, installing more RAM at either range will increase performance in handling multiple active programs.
  7. So even if the other one is 1066 I can still put in a 1333? it doesnt' matter if they are different speeds?
  8. With different speed memory is not supported in laptop. 1333 will not work with 1066.
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