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Hi Guys,

I am just wondering if anyone has any comments about MSI. I've never purchased any hardware from them, I think because I always considered them a 'cheap' brand, but would be interested to hear any comments you guys have about them. More specifically, I am wondering about the Z77A-G45 mobo. In case it makes a difference, the proposed PC build I'm looking at is below...

MSI Z77A-G45
I5 3570K
16GB 1866mhz Corsair Vengence
XFX Radeon 7870 2GB
Cooler Master 212
600W OCZ ModXTream
2 x 120GB OCZ Solid 3 SSD in Raid 1

Thanks for your help guys!
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  1. all a matter of opinion really, I like MSI, Gigabyte and ASRock.
  2. MSI is good brand. But if you want cheap brand with good quality Asrock is also good.
  3. Cheers for the replies. I'm not necessarily after a cheap brand, just something that I'm not paying through the nose for. I've seen the Z77A-G45 has all the features I'm looking for, namely, dual PCI-E 3.0 slots, but it's a good £40 ($60) cheaper than an equivilant ASUS which was the last Mobo I bought, P8P67-m. If it's just a matter of opinion, then I think it's worth giving them a go, just wanted to make sure there weren't any implicit problems with their manufacturing or build quality.
  4. Well go for MSI. But why are you changing you mobo from p67 to z77 now? They are nearly equal. Only for PCI-E 3.0?

    You will see very little difference. I say you better upgrade to years later with more new feature. P67 is still good to go.
  5. MSI is rubbish -- avoid.

    ASUS and Gigabyte, nothing else.
  6. apache_lives said:
    MSI is rubbish -- avoid.

    ASUS and Gigabyte, nothing else.

    Why you are saying MSI is rubbish? My friend brought MSI having no problem.
  7. Basically, I'm changing my GPU from 2x6850s to the 7870, as the performance looks a lot better and it gives me room to expand in the future. To make most use of it, I need PCI-E 3.0, which is only supported on IB CPUs, whereas I have 2500k. Instead of just selling the CPU and GPU, I'm going to sell the whole rig to a friend, so the entire upgrade will only cost me the price of the GPU, but for a newer system. I'm partly doing this because my mate wants a PC, but can't afford a proper gaming platform, so he's getting mine for a discount.
  8. Well if you think for your friend then its different. But a selling a 2500k for new cpu is really a bad idea. Its still high-end gaming cpu. Maybe 4th gen intel cpu or higher can obsolete a 2500k. And 7870 is supported on P67 mobo. It will be fine.
  9. I think for the £120 the upgrade will end up costing me, it is worth it, espcially since the build should be good for another 4 years with a new GPU required in about 2! The fact that I also get another friend to play BF3 with is an added bonus :)
  10. If gpu is the cost then go ahead. So you and your friend will be enjoying. All the matter is enjoy. If you enjoy BF3 with your friend then nothing to Think. :)
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