Is the raidmax 1000ae psu any good

i know corsair is the best but raidmax offers a 1000watt gold certified psu for cheaper than a corsair 850watt but is getting a name brand just hype or not because if got the cheaper psu i can afford a ssd
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  1. raidmax sent a different psu with the same model name to be certified but changed it for the retail versions that can only do bronze
  2. so the raidmax on cyberpower pc can only do bronze even if it states gold anyway is it a bad psu
  3. Apparently, it falls in the "not bad" to "acceptable" range:

    The 80 Plus Gold rating is ... optimistic.
  4. Raidmax=crap. :P
  5. I know that it is tough when you only have a certian amount of money and yousee a deal like this , but you have to consider the consequences if you buy a less quality item. You can end up paying double if the thing goes bad and the company doesn't honor the warrety or gives less time for warrenty coverage.
    These are the psu's that I would recomend , Antec , Seasonic ,Corsair , Enermax , Cougar and Silverstone. Raidmax is down at the bottom with Rosewill and a few others.
  6. The 1 Year warranty on that power supply tells a lot about what Raidmax expects its reliability will be.

    When you actually read the terms of that 1 Year warranty you'll think it's some kind of joke.
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