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Can any one tell me, is belkin brand wireless adapters any good? thanks
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  1. You won't go far wrong with Linksys, Netgear, D-Link products.

    Though Belkin sometimes gets a bad press for its routers, my only complaint about the wireless adapter I have is that its own utilities seem to depend on Windows, so you might as well just use the Windows networking interface -- Netgear and other brands' utilities are free standing.

    To confuse you further -- actually all wireless adapters of whatever brand use chipsets from a small number of chip makers so their performance is similar. I've been using real cheapo brand PCI wireless adapters for some years now without problems -- admittedly one of the makers has disappeared and neither had support websites as comprehensive as the big brands.
  2. Thanks for that info. I was interested in this belkin brand model its BELKIN F7D2101ed Surf+/Share Wireless USB Adaptor. could you tell me please if this one is good? and if it will be compatible with my pc or not I have a hp g5200m-uk model, and it has windows 7.
  3. Look at reviews, check the specs at the Belkin site.
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