Epox is no more .... CPU Bios problem

I was given a low end Desktop from a friend, and I have a problem :s

It came with Case, M/board and cpu/heatsink.

Ive old memory and other components in the cupboard , managed to get it running.

The cpu is a 2.4 Celeron and is very slooooow.

Having checked google for the board's model number, looking to see if I can upgrade the cpu. Unfortunately the company that made the board is no more but I saw that an ebay seller has it http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-EPOX-EP-P4MKI-Micro-ATX-Motherboard-Pentium-4-P4-Socket-478-MATX-Graphics-/250898214637

This info , Processors Supported: Intel Pentium 4 up to 3.0GHz @ 533MHz FSB Intel Celeron up to 2.80GHz @ 533 FSB

prompted me to buy this cpu for a fiver http://ark.intel.com/products/27452/Intel-Pentium-4-Processor-511-1M-Cache-2_80-GHz-533-MHz-FSB

From what I can gather the P4 is right for the board but when I attached it the comp ran , fans everything, bot got no video signal to the monitor. I put the celeron back in and the comp is working again, if slooow.

I was told it coud be because of the bios and maybe I should update, but how ? As the company doesnt exist , I googles the board and found driver upgrade sites offering 1.1 versions and 1.7 , 1.8.

This is where I get stuck,Im no bios expert lol

If anyone has any info/suggestions as what I could do now I'd really appreciate it.

Many thanks
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  1. What's the current BIOS version? The latest probably is 4408, but finding it is somewhat difficult.

    http://filedir.com/drivers/bios/epox-ep-p4mki-p-bios-downloading-1-365991.html - 1.7 actually seems to be 4408

    If you want a faster PC, then keep the case and repalce everything else.
  2. Many thanks GhislainG for taking the time to help.

    Bios info from SIW

    Bios version 6.00 PG
    Firmware version 101.110
    Bios Date 02/05/2004
    Bios Size 256kb
    Bios Starting Segment E000h
    DMI Version 2.2

    Is it a case of simply burning the Bios file to cd then booting from cd and let it run till it's done ?
    Or is it more complicated ?

    Thanks for you're help so far.
  3. The latest BIOS was officially released on April 15, 2004; therefore yours should be very close to version 4408. What's displayed at POST (BIOS id string) at the btoom of the screen? Does CPU-Z, Mainboard, BIOS display the same version as SIW? Are you sure that motherboard isn't an OEM with a totally different BIOS?

    You have to be very careful when flashing the BIOS. You need to be absolutely sure the BIOS file is for your motherboard. To flash the BIOS, you need a DOS bootable floppy, the correct flash utility (probably from Award, but it could also be from American Mehatrends or Phoenix), etc. Did you read bios_AF_Eng.txt from the first link that I provided?

    Wait until you are 100% sure the BIOS file is the correct one for your motherboard. On the other hand, bricking that motherboard wouldn't be a big loss.

    EDIT: Make sure the motherboard model is EP-P4MKI and not EP-P4MKI-S or EP-P4MKI-P as they use a different BIOS. Ideally you'd post a picture of CPU-Z, Mainboard tab.
  4. From the screen at startup, Phoenix Award WorkstationBios v6.00 PG

    EP-P4MKI is printed on the Motherboard

    On the bios chip on the m/board there's a yellow sticker with CT5 written on it.




    On the eng.txt it mentioned 2themax.com and got this http://www.2themax.com/ I also found this http://www.wimsbios.com/biosupdates/2maxx.jsp ran the scanner , i know it's only a draw to get money but didn't know if the info given was important or not, ive add a pic below from that too.

    Thank's again for you're input so far.

    PLUS, just to let you know that this comp I'm working on is a second comp, my main comp is a E6600 and fast lol I would like this as a backup plus for use when my Brother visits.

    Any more info need please ask

  5. There may be a newer BIOS for that motherboard, but I couldn't find it. Are you 100% sure that motherboard isn't a EP-P4MKI-S? P4M266A-8235 is the chipset, not the motherboard model.
  6. Here is a pic of the EP-P4MKI M/BOARD, the model # is exact same as mine.

    You're link, , has the same model #, so should I follow the instruction's and give it a go ?

    From the instruction's, it seem's pretty straight forward to do but the risk is high.

  7. It's up to you. Yours has a different BIOS, but it may work. Risk it only if you don't mind bricking the motherboard. Unfortunately finding accurate info for such old hardware is difficult. What CPU model did you buy and are you sure that it isn't defective?
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