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5670 512mb good for 1280x720p on BF3?

I'm wondering if you guys think that a 5670 512mb could run BF3 at 1280x720p? Medium settings and no AA?

I want to know, in case my friends don't get it for Xbox 360.

And I realize no specs have been released but, in your opinion, could it?

Also, does it have any effect that my native resolution is 1080p?

and I know it will perform very good with my other games, just, if I do get it for PC, itll be the most challenging game.
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  1. yes.You can run it on medium settings with better than xbox quality
  2. But I'd most likely have to switch it to DX10 right?
  3. Should probably just wait for the beta in September. Should run on medium/low at that res on dx11 probably around constant 30 fps
  4. Crap, I was hoping atleast 40-50 with such low settings, because I want to record too.
  5. Also, would me not playing at Native resolution affect it in some way?
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    You'll take a hit in picture quality by not playing at native resolution. It varies depending on the monitor, but most LCD displays take a significant hit in picture quality operating lower than native resolution, as LCDs can't actually reduce the number of pixels they have, they can only use software to try to emulate lower resolutions, and in most cases that doesn't work all that well.
  7. Oh okay thanks!

    And I have noticed that, I play my games at 720p high settings, yet they still look awful.
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