Broken USB port in new system

Just bought a Dell XPS 8300 and received it a few days ago.
But was very disappointed with Dell service :pfff:

1st, bought a wireless keyboard and mouse together with the system but they didn't get shipped until a week later after I called customer service hotline for 20 times and repeating my info for 20 times. Really pissed as sometimes they just xferred me to a voicemail :fou:

2nd, now after I've partitioned the HDD, got my data xferred and installed the software I need, I found out that one of the USB ports (on-top of the case) is not working :cry:

So should I just return the whole system and get a refund and build my own? Anyone has experience with returning a Dell computer? Thanks so much!
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  1. I'd have returned it after the phone debacle to be honest, get your money back, and threaten to add the cost of your phonebill too
  2. Did you check and make sure the cable is connected? (Does opening your case still void your warranty? If so, don't do it, lol.)
  3. I've double checked, there's also 2 ports on top. One is working and the other one is not. So doubt it's the cable problem.
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