Ram not running at 1600Mhz

I recently bought the i5-3450 and gigabyte b75m-d3h mobo, i installed a single stick of corsair vengeance 4Gb 1600Mhz ram, and both the cpu and mobo support 1600Mhz, i selected the 1600Mhz profile on the bios, but still CPU-Z shows my ram running at 760-800Mhz and also Windows index rates my ram at 5.9 while others are getting a rating of 7.2-7.5... Please help..... Should i get the stick exchanged????
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  1. 800mhz x 3 (ddr >3<)= 1600 so yes your ram is running fine. why a single stick? you need to have a dual channel memory configuration to get the most out of your cpu
  2. Are you running Windows 64 bit? If you are then you should put another stick of 4 gb , also by putting the one stick did you put it in the correct slot that the MB owners manual says to when using one stick of ram.
  3. I put it in the third slot... will buy another stick later...
  4. k,
    did you save and reset?
  5. I tried in all slots, doesnt make a diff..... Planning to buy a new stick try it in dual config....
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