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I want to first buy a coolermaster HAF full size case and put all of my things from the coolermaster SCOUT mid size case since its too small and gets cramped and overheated.

Then in a month i want to get a 1000W power supply, in anticipation of a SECOND evga gtx 560ti superclocked.

This is all going with my evga 780i SLI mobo with core2duo e8500 overclocked to 4.15ghz, and 8 gigs of ram.

Also has two 500 meg hdds in raid 0, but thats irrelevant.

Where do I buy the parts from? I want to make sure that if something is defective or not working, I can just simply return it without having to worry about paying return shipping, losing money, wasting time, etc. etc.

Whats the best and most hassle free PC component dealer?

I would go with amazon, because they have free 2 day shipping....what other alternatives are there?

PLEASE DONT SAY NEWEGG! i LIVE IN NEW JERSEY SO THEY MAKE ME PAY 8-10% SALES TAX ON ALL MY ORDERS! Due to the fact that Newegg owns a massive factory in new jersey where they keep like 40% of ALL their inventory.

So....whats a good supplier?
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  1. Go down to a store and buy your stuff :P Also you might want to upgrade your cpu and mobo!
  2. then of course Amazon.
  3. get used to paying sales tax. Even all your internet purchases will be taxed very soon.
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