Acer AX3400G-U4802

Noob question, Never worked with a small case like the Acer's but can a GeForce 8800 GT fit in a Acer AX3400G-U4802? If not I assume I would just need to get a bigger case/PSU? A friend has the Acer but the 9200 just isn't doing it for him and wanted to buy him a 8800GT because mine runs great and they are getting really cheap. Any help with how big of a PSU I need and what case size I should get would be great.

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    Based on those pictures it will not fit a 8800GT neither is the PSU big enough.
    A quality 400-500 watt PSU would be enough for the card and it should fit in any mid or mini tower that is on the market.
    Cheapest PSU I would recommend
    Good budget case
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