How can I switch between monitors in-game?

I have 2 monitors, and am using 2 Nvidia GTX 260's in SLI. Both monitors are connected to the same card. I have no problem using the Extended Display feature to scroll the mouse across both screens on my desktop.

What I WANT to do is be able to have a game in full screen on my primary monitor, and then switch over to the other monitor (which has browser windows or chat or whatever open) without alt-tabbing or closing out the game. This would need to be done on-command only, to avoid scrolling out of the game windows. Can I setup a hotkey that, when pressed, will allow me to do this? I have looked extensively through the menus in Windows 7 as well as Nvidia Control Panel and can find no way to do this.
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  1. have a read of this--it might do the job--never tried it myself so cant say for sure
  2. In full screen there is no way. You'll have to play in windowed mode.
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