Flashing Black Squares with my new HD 6950

So I recently bought a new PC, it has a Sapphire 2GB HD 6950 inside.

It was fine for like the first day of play, but after that I started to get flashing black squares in collums down the screen.
It was still playable and did not affect me. But now after awhile more squares start flashing and there are areas that I can no longer see. In SC2 I could place a building and after that I would no longer be able to see/select it. Same with a unit. Once they move from that area though i can see them again.
I thought it was because I was using a really old monitor but I switched to a newer monitor and the same problem exists

I am about to try reinstalling the graphics drivers but I would like some help as to what it could be and why it is happening.
And of course a solution.

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  1. Alright the reinstall of the drivers did not work.

  2. What kind of PSU are you working with make/model?

    I would get ready to return/exchange that video card if I were you, though.
  3. 650W, From charts I've seen its more then enough for a single 6950.

    I believe it is a graphics card problem.

    So I will probably send the pc back explaining the problem and get them to get a new card for me.
  4. 650W should generally be enough. It depends on the make and model of the PSU. There are some 1000W supplies in the no-box bargain bin at my local computer store with only 480W on the 12V rail.
  5. Thought it could of been something dodgy with directX 11, I have heard somethings don't run properly in it and need directX 9.

    But I couldn't find anything wrong with mine. Just a thought.

    Anyways probably going to send it back in a few days. After calling them up. Hopefully the problem no longer persists after that.
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