Having problems with dual monitor with HDMI + DVI

I have a HD 6870 that has DVIx2 and HDMIx1. What I'm trying to do is run my computer monitor through the DVI and also my TV with the HDMI. I want to duplicate them except it won't work. Every time I try to either Extend or Duplicate, it says it is unable to save display settings. Can I not use both at once?

I did buy a DVI to HDMI adapter and my desktop would duplicate on both at the same time but of course I didn't have any sound on the tv since I was using DVI. I know I can buy a cable that would fix this but I'd rather spend nothing if possible :)

I mainly want this for watching movies and duplicating the desktop wouldn't be a big deal then, I wouldn't mind just switching displays. But I like to have my desktop on both displays sometimes when my nephew comes over and watches me play some pc games and things like that.
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  1. Ok well wtf...

    I've been messing around with it and I originally had my monitor in the bottom of the two DVIs, I changed it to the top one (for the hell of it) and my desktop is on my monitor and desktop. Amazing... >_> but one problem (of course)...

    For some reason my monitor has a black outline about an inch thick around the whole outside even tho I'm on my max/native resolution of 1920x1080... Going to continue messing with it but incase someone has any suggestions?
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