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:hello: frnds when i ran crysis and call of duty black ops and nfs shift on my pc (pc specs intel dual core overclocked at 3.4 ghz 2gb ram radeon hd5450 graphic card 1gb with shader ver 5.0 and gpu and memory engine clocked at 750 and 755mhz) the games ran smotthly wihout any lag)
but when we tried the same game on my bros pc whose config is much better than me except a grahic card he have an i7 processor 4gb ram and the old nvidia 512mb graphic card i dont know the name of graphic card but it maybe 3yr old all of the games are lagging too much nfs shift not even loads properly what is the problem pls help me to sort it out :pfff:
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  1. If you don't know the graphics card how can we help? That's probably the answer to your problems too
  2. RAM doesn't mean a thing.Its the name of the video card which matters.For example if your bro owns a nvidia geforce 8400 GS with 512 MB Ram of course your 5450 will beat it.The 5770 1GB will destroy both inspite of having the same vram
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