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Eyefinity 5 monitor set up

This is probably an easy question, but I cannot find the answer anywhere on the internet. I have two monitors already, and I am wondering is it possible with eyefinity to have a game runnning on three monitors with a fourth monitor running an extension of your desktop (vent, browser, heat sensing, etc), and a fifth monitor runnning as a tv?
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  1. I really am trying to find an answer to this myself. I have 2 x 30" monitors and wonder about buying a HD6990 and 3 more 24" for gaming. Then I can have the 30"'s for desktop and 24" for gaming (at the same time)
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    I've never tried it, but from what I've read, it seems like you could create multiple panel groups within the scope of Eyefinity. 3 monitors could be part of 1 group (primary for gaming) and the others could be grouped together or in their own groups individually.
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