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I know the title is quite vague but here is my story and question...

I recently started finishing off my build and i have 2 fans with LEDs in them. I cannot find a connection port on the mother board to connect the plugs to power the LEDs.

So my question is, Is there a connector on the MotherBoard that I can connect my 2 LED cables to so they get power?

Thanks for reading, any response will be nice.
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    All of the LED fans that I've ever owned never had a separate power cable for the LEDs. The LEDs were always powered from the same power lines that power the fan.

    Your motherboard should have four fan connectors on it. One 4-pin connector is used for the CPU cooler fan. There are two 4-pin fan connectors and one 3-pin fan connector that you can use to power three more fans.

    Do you have a web link to your specific fans that you are trying to connect?
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