High 6870 temps

my 6870 idles at 35 degrees but when i'm playing WoW on ultra settings for only a minute in some areas it quickly shoots up to the 90's and the fan gets crazy loud . any ideas why? should i worry at all?
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  1. That's quite high you might look to lower a few settings ,cause anything in the 100s and your card can be in serious trouble. Also you might look to clean out your card/case with a can of compressed air to increase airflow.
  2. everything is brand new and stock .. case is antec 300 with fans on number 2
  3. Since the card is new and fan is running RMA it!
  4. are the power wires pulling it in one direction or the other, separating the gpu from the heat sink???
  5. The heat sink is screwed to the pcb there is no way that it getting lose because of the wire..
    you can try applying a new layer of thermal paste under the heatsink and see. but its better to RMA it because heat kills electronics and 100c is too much it will run but will die soon..
  6. tell that to my asus 6970 dcii's--- cause they dont believe you!!!
  7. who don't believe what?
  8. i haven't reached 100 yet.. most games it peaks/settles in the low 80s.. but for some reason certain parts of WoW cause it to enter the low 90's .. strange cuz it's not a graphic intensive game like bc2 is .. but bc2 only gets 77- 84
  9. 90 is also too much for it..
    Get it replaced under warranty, try resetting the heatsink first
  10. well turned v sync on and it actually solved my problem .. i wonder if it was just rendering the game TOO fast since it's so outdated? it seems to peak in the low 80s like my other games now. i'll keep an eye out though and rma it if it starts doing it again, really don't want to be without a video card for weeks though especially since it seemed fine until i tried it with WoW
  11. Its better to live without a card for a week than for ever..
    I learned it from my experience
  12. thanks for the advice, but surely it would at least take 2 weeks, plus cost of shipping no? plus if it falls into their acceptable heat range can't they just return the same product to me and say "there's nothing wrong" ? and even if i got a new one, if it was an issue with WoW and not the gpu wouldn't i just have the same problem again? also, if the card overheats and breaks under normal stock usage can't i still return it? ( i don't exactly know how rma's work since i've never done one ) regardless though i'm pretty certain it was just an issue with wow and v syncing seems to have fixed it . i'm fairly certain a similar thing happened with starcraft 2 causing people's gpus to overheat which is what got me to try capping my fps at 60.
  13. If you don't have any problem now then it better not to RMA.. just use this card till it creates any problem :)
  14. nevermind :( just tried bc2 and it got up to 95 celsius during the cut scenes.

    i tried making an msi fan profile with a steep curve and got it to sit at 80 degrees with like 75% fan speed.

    looks like i should rma ?
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