How to reconnect cisco wireless router with 2wire modem after pass word change i

I have a 2wire Modem connected to a Cisco Wireless N Router, that is connected to another Cisco Wireless N Router. All was working well. In my absence sbc (AT&T) changed the pass word of the 2wire Modem. The 2wire has stoped communication with the Cisco Wireless N Routers. I connected am Ethernet wire to one of the ports of the 2wire, and connected it to the 2nd Cisco Wireless N Router. The signal gets to the 2nd Cisco Router. However, when I attempt to access the Internet on the CPU connected to the 2 Cisco Router, I get an error Message saying that there is a problem with the Modem and/or Router. On the available Networks selection screen I can see the connections that I want. The selection info shows connected. But when I try to connect, the I can't.
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    You've tried restarting the modem and router together so that they handshake ?
  2. Yes I have restarted the modem and the router together. The results were the same. Finally I did a hard reset on the modem and the router and reinstalled both units. It was a tast for me. As to I am not a computer person. However. The problem is solved.
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