I like this. (External PSU)

http://www.devhardware.com/c/a/Power-Supply-Units/XG-Magnum-External-600w-PSU/ like it because the relief on heat issues & the abilty to build in a small case with out having to compisate for the PSU. Anyway, where can I buy it? The company site is not english.
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  1. I dislike this instead of having a single computer now we have to have another ugly external box attached to it. Any small case that will fit a GPU that would need that power would fit a normal internal PSU!
    On top of that it was a product introduced in 2006 and fails drastically comparing it to today's std's, efficiency, +12volt rail amp output on level with a decent 450watt unit!
  2. First of all I think 200 dollars is a lot of money for a 600 watt PSU. You can get one of the recommend brands at a higher wattage for a lot less. One major issue is the lack of SATA connectors, only two. You can use splitters, but I personally don't care for Band-Aid solutions. With modern good quality power supplies, heat is not much of an issue, especially if it's bottom mounted so the airflow is completely removed from the case.
  3. Too funny.
    After using Google, does anyone bother to check dates.
    If the last Google entries regarding a product are from 5-6 years ago how likely is it that the product is still available ?
  4. Best Answer right there ^^^^
  5. Yes it is old, but it is a good idea. Why don't they make them?
  6. edward78 said:
    Yes it is old, but it is a good idea. Why don't they make them?

    Because very few people thought that was a good idea and the price premium can be spent on something useful to make your PC, faster/bigger/better!
  7. While an external PSU can be a great idea high end, low level audio electronics, it is not a good idea for a computer.

    A little larger case lets you put everything into one box instead of two.

    Electrically, mounting the PSU inside the computer case lets you use shorter cables.
  8. It would just be a lot easier to put a computer that could do more than at best play limited games in something like a NES case. Like a ASUS H61 - EPU, UEFI BIOS and Anti-Surge Protection - mATX Intel H61(B3) Micro ATX DDR3 1333 LGA 1155 Motherboard (P8H61-M LX) Intel Core i3-2100 Processor 3.1GHz 3 MB Cache
    1333MHz 4 Gig DIMM-DRAM NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS with 512 DDR3 memory (PCIe 1.00 x16) would be a lot easier to do in a console case.
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