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I wanted to know if there are any grounding alternatives for an ungrounded 2-holes outlet for my PC.
I'm planning to buy a nice Surge Protector, but I heard they are ineffective if not grounded; however, no outlet in my house is grounded (all are 2-hole outlets).

What alternatives do I have not taking in account wiring ground from another location?
I live in Bolivia, and electricians aren't exactly the most responsible, so I fear they might run some alternative not so healthy for my PC.

How would a UPS run in 2-hole outlets?

How can test if a circuit is grounded? (Got a multimeter).

I've got a XFX PRO650W PSU, can it take a surge from a 220V ungrounded outlet and survive? xD
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  1. You could have an electrician change the outlet you want to use by installing a ground wire and 3-hole outlet. Ground wires can be attached to a metal (preferably copper) post driven into the earth outside or to a cold water supply copper pipe. I changed an outlet on an exterior wall and ran a 12 gauge copper wire from the new 3-hole outlet to an existing ground post.
  2. If you run your own ground to a nearby water pipe, cold is preferred over hot. If you ground to the hot water pipe then please check yout hot water tank line and make sure there is a ground strap/wire between the input (cold) water side and the output (hot) water side.
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