Need a motherboard suggestion

ok im planning on getting the i5 2500k or the 3570k (I STILL DONT KNOW WHICH AHHH!!!!!!)

can someone suggest me a nice motherboard in the price range of 150-220ish?

im mainly going to be gaming

some other specs

GPU // gtx670
PSU // CORSAIR HX 750 GOLD Certified

also if anyone could suggest some nice ram that would be nice too, i was thinking of this one, is this one ok?
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  1. That RAM is great :) It has great overclocking ability (And is DAMN stable) - I have the 16GB variant of it.

    As for the motherboard, you could look at the Gigabyte Z77 UD3H (If you wanna save money) or go for the MSI Big Bang MPower - Which is one of the best Z77 boards out there :)
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