4 post beeps no spalsh screen


I have just built my custom computer but ti does not go through post i hear 4 beeps but nothing shows up on the screen it just remains blank,
I am using the Asrock H61M-VS motherboard with the ivy bridge I5 3470 processor im aware that the bios will need to be flashed but what i dont understand is that doesnt the computer need a processor to post so this means in turn that the processor is infact working without flashing the bios so why do i hear 4 post beeps but i see no motherboard splash screen or anyhting.

I have also tried reseating the ram and nothing i also double checked connections reseated the cpu and even reseated the graphics card my graphics card is a sapphire hd 7770 btw

I have also discovered that my ram might not be supported by my motherboard which is odd , my ram is not listed in supported memory for my mobo which can be found here [url=

and my ram is G.Skill Ripjaws X F3-10666CL9D-8GBXL (2x4GB) DDR3
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  1. The ram does not have to be on the QVL to be supported , that list is only the ram set that were tested and there are too many different ram sets to test them all so most likely your ram works.
    If you look in the MB owners manual under starting up for the first time they will give you the beep codes that tell you what the bios is trying to tell you with the beep codes. You have to pat attention to the beeps and determine if they are short beeps or long beeps or a combination of the two.
    One ong beep followed by three short beeps could mean no vga detected.
  2. But even if it says that my motherboard will need an upgrade to support ivy bridge should i still be able to get to the BIOS?
  3. thank you for the quick reply your proving verry helpfull but ive flicked through the manual and quick installation guide but there is nothing on troubleshooting in the manual so i couldnt find anything on post beeps sadly
  4. So your at the point of getting four beeps and not getting into the bios? Did you listen to the beeps to tell if they are the same or some short and some long?
    In order for the Ivy Bridge to be supported the bios needs to be flashed so that would mean that you should be able to get into the bios so you can do that.
  5. i hear 4 of the same length

    If you can find out the bios version that you have then you can go to the site and look up the beep codes for the particular bios. The bios version is either Award ,AMI or Phenix.
  7. According to that i have system timer failure what does that mean?
  8. It can mean that one of the sticks of ram is defective , you'll have to try each one in the first slot closest to the cpu socket to see which one it is.

    It can also mean that there is a problem with the motherboard and it could be defective. Check out the links and depending how far you want to go with trying to get it to work you may want to consider a RMA.
  10. do i need a warranty to rma?
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    Has it been over 30 days since you purchased the motherboard? If your still in the 30 days then you can RMA it back to the place that you bought it from. If it's over 30 days then you have to contact the manufacturer and get a RMA throught them. The best way is to go through thier tech support because you will need a support ticket created anyway.
    If it's through the place of purchase you just need to contact thier customer service and go from there.
  12. Ok thank you verry much for your help today
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