5770 xfx cable problem!

Hey, ok here it is, i have a monitor, its vga (im gonna get a new monitor in the near future, not right now)

So the graphics card im getting, btw this is not changeable, is an xfx ati radeon 5770, single slot card, 1gb, and it only has dvi and i think this diplay port thing.

Now, i need a dvi to vga converter. Please can someone tell me which one i need, what id dsub hd15 or something.

Can you guys show me a cheap, inexpensive, around 5 pounds or less, something real cheap that can fix this problem? I need it quite soon :(
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  1. search in some local store.. you will find one easily
    here is one online
  2. ok thats too expensive, will this one work?



    this is so stressful! im literally pulling my hair out!
  3. yep that will do :)
  4. one thing though. i got this problem.

    you see that picture

    it shows the dvi, why are there so little pins? Doesnt a normal dvi cable have loads of pins?

    lol im literally waiting here watching the screen and refreshing to see the answer as i need to buy like as soon as you say its ok :P
  5. For backward compatibility with displays using analog VGA signals, some of the contacts in the DVI connector carry the analog VGA signals. Thus, the DVI connector can carry a digital-video signal, an analog VGA signal, or both
  6. ok, sorry if im rude, but ir eally dont understand much. All i need to know is will it work with my vga monitor and my xfx 5770? please, just a yes or no. Im like literally jumping around!
  7. yes it will
    the dvi connector has some pins carrying vga signal(Analog) those pins are used in this converter to get vga to your display that is why there are few pins on the dvi male part of the cable
  8. thank you, ilu so much :)
  9. female? if yes then ilu too :P
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