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I'm going to buy a new hardware. I want to buy cheap hardware with future. So I need to buy a good motherboard and RAM. Processor and GC is not important right now. I will change it in the future.

My problem comes when I have been searching motherboard for 1155 socked. I found only motherboard with 1333 ram support. There are some with more but only OC. I dont want to OC my hardware never. I checked on the intels site that i3 support memory 1066/1333 ( http://ark.intel.com/products/53422/Intel-Core-i3-2100-Processor-(3M-Cache-3_10-GHz) ).

So my questions are:

Why this processor support max 1333 mhz RAM?
It is not less efficient than AMD because of that?
What could be happend if I put 1600 ram?
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  1. Ram speed does not drastically affect performance 1333MHz ram with lower latency can compete with 1600MHz ram at higher latency!
    No it is not most AMD CPU's have the same limit.
    Nothing basically it will run at 1333Mhz and tighter latency or you can set it manually to 1600MHz in BIOS!

    Just make sure the ram you get is rated at 1.5volts.
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