Mobo Intergrated Graphics...Impressed.

I was rather Impressed to find out I could play Counter strike with no problems whatsoever with my Integrated Graphics...But I didn't really understand why this was... I've ordered a 7850 2GB Yesterday & I would rather have that than the Integrated graphics obviously enough. But I didn't understand how I could run CS @ like 90FPS?
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  1. Which "Counter Strike" game that was? "1.6", "Source", "GO"?
    And which IG did you use: Intel's HD, or AMD's APU?
    Intel's HD aren't very powerful, but it can easily run games like StarCraft II at medium settings on 800x600 resolution, thus it's better suited for older video games (pre-2008 and older).
    AMD's APU, on the other hand, is quite powerful and are quite well suited even for modern video games.
    Also, Integrated Graphics can be OverClocked a little bit, so if you'll get higher frequency on IG core, of course you'll get better results than at default.
    Anyway, "Counter Strike" isn't a very demanding game, so it's not surprising that you got that high FPS with just on-board graphics.
  2. IGPs have certainly come a long way since Intel's 815G and AMD's equivalent.

    One problem with IGPs though is the much more limited RAM bandwidth with IGPs having access to less than half as much bandwidth than a mid-range GPU with 128bits memory interface.

    With IGPs starting to put the squeeze on low-end GPUs, AMD and Nvidia will have to start pushing 256bits GPUs at more aggressive price points and if I remember the HD8xxx leaks right, this is exactly where AMD is going.
  3. I play CS1.6 on Intel GMA X3150...
    But whenever someone turns the flashlight I lag.
    And btw I play on 1280x800 which is max for my laptop.
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